We offer progressive streaming included in all of our plans, meaning that you can upload the file to our servers, and then link to it. When visitors access that file, they can then stream it to their computers, or download it.

We do not provide a dedicated streaming server, so you won't be able to run applications like ShoutCast from the servers, but you can upload your content, link to it, and allow visitors to view/hear it this way.

Additionally, since we offer progressive streaming, users that are behind firewalls, which could prevent them from listening to streams from a dedicated streaming server, are able to listen to the content as well, since the stream would be going through port 80 (standard port for http traffic).

You can also embed a media player directly into your site to play the content. For information on how to do this (and a generator to show you how to do this as well) check outhttp://cit.ucsf.edu/embedmedia/step1.php

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